Malloy’s to the End

12/23/17 - posted by jb

Better than a Red Rider BB gun, David provided me with a list of prior postings which, given the nature of nostalgia and my aging brain, read now as fresh and new.

Shortcake and I pulled into Malloy’s on Thursday, having made the rounds to visit the Colma family. Our route takes us from Cypress Lawn to Hills of Eternity, Salem, Eternal Home then back to Holy Cross. We like ending with Uncle Tom, as his view is reminiscent of those rolling hills of his beloved Ireland, green waves warmed with an evening kiss of mist. Gravesites are picked clearly for living...his certainly was.

We pour out of Holy Cross, turning right to Malloy’s, a landmark since 1883. Two Irish coffees appear with a bartender whose face is the Ring of Kerry. Few words and fewer motions but when he learns we are headed to my brother-in-law’s “Jewish Wake” called a Shiva Minion, he softens a tad. After all, Malloy’s has seen more tears spilled than whisky across its bar and the place holds a reverence for the dearly departed.

Not much changes save for change and I find in a posting below from 11 years ago. Long live Malloy’s and all who find their way there in time of need and berievement.


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