Stonestown Update

01/04/18 - posted by Frank Dunnigan - dunnigan<at>

The Chronicle website posted the following:

"Macy's is closing. Again. In the latest round of closures, Macy's Novato Furniture Store and the Macy's in the Stonestown Galleria will shut their doors. The department store chain announced the closures Thursday, and said the two stores will close in mid to late March."

As a friend pointed out, Stonestown goes through a large transformation every 32 years or so. When it was built in 1952, it was cutting-edge, including the first branch store of the Emporium chain. By 1984, though, it had become dated, and by 1986-87, it had been rebuilt as an enclosed Galleria and was again successful. Now with one of its two anchor stores disappearing, mall owners will be moving ahead on their already-announced plans to construct more smaller stores, dining options, and a multi-plex theater (what is that going to do to the UA Twin Cinemas at Stonestown?) on the Macy's site.

With any luck, this new remodel, which may take a year or so, will see Stonestown through to about the year 2052 when the complex will be celebrating its Centennial--maybe! Stay tuned...

Read more about the history of Stonestown:

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