Re: Recollections of Sunset Scavenger & Golden Gate Scavenger weekly pickups

02/18/18 - posted by ken l

This helps to recall an incident in 1956.
One evening Bob Barbieri (sp?), fellow bowler at Lincoln Bowl on 6th Avenue, said "I had a little excitement today".
He related- -'I was driving the truck to the dumps and while crossing Market at 3rd I thought I was pulling the turn arm indicator lever, I pulled the dump lever! Dumped 20 tons of garbage right on the streetcar tracks! I got out and was throwing armloads of garbage back in- and the traffic cop came running over and said-"you can't do this by hand, you're going to have to get a pay loader!." 'I said I'm not trying to re-load, I'm trying to find the sorter guy who was on top of the pile.' So the cop pitched in too, and we finally got the poor guy uncovered enough where he could breathe again. Streetcars were backed-up for more than a block!'

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