Re: Recollections of Sunset Scavenger & Golden Gate Scavenger weekly pickups

01/24/18 - posted by Tim Dineen

A lot of the same memories...

I definitely remember the big, burly guy who would come and collect for the trash service. The nicest, most polite guy you'd ever meet - and could probably bench-press the open-air garbage truck he climbed up with that huge barrel hung over his shoulder.

It was something to behold.

I am so glad to have been born and raised when and where I was. Open air garbage trucks, bicycles without helmets, the freedom to ride, run, and explore for hours on end without parental interference...

And remembering when big, burly guys would come to the door to collect for trash removal.

Everything was personal, back then. You knew your garbage man, your mailman, your grocery store owners, and even your Muni drivers...

You knew where your milk, bread, and eggs came from.

Yeah... there's a lot to be said for living in and actually supporting your neighborhood.

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