1968 in the rear view mirror

01/27/18 - posted by Paul Judge

I still read newspapers. Sometime for sure if only to graze the headlines of articles in which it doesn’t pay to dwell on the ongoing pathetic and bad. I appreciate writers reliably good at their craft even if I’m uninterested in their topic. Film reviewer Mick LaSalle can be amusing and informative even for films that I’d never conceive buying a ticket to see. In the SF Chronicle Sunday Datebook (‘The Pink’ Y’all!) of January 14th, 2018 he compels us to recall 50 years ago to the year, That Year! 1968. “Oh for the good old days”, no, not a year for the weak. I wish Paul Rosenberg were still here to post reflections about the nitty gritty in San Francisco from back then.

1968, fascinating 50 years later, was nerve-racking to live through
By Mick LaSalle January 14, 2018


For readers w/o subscription to the Chronicle access to this article may be available via:

pressreader “The stomach turning knot of another ‘we interrupt this program’ moment”


Accompanying the above topic Chronicle staff writer Sam Whiting compiled some of the major events of 1968.

1968 — the year that was
By Sam Whiting January 14, 2018


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