Re: 1968 in the rear view mirror

01/28/18 - posted by jb

Thanks, PJ. Long my favorite movie critic, Mic really writes a great piece providing some comfort and perspective to today's tumult. He and Neva Chonin aka Live Rude Girl were the only reasons I'd buy a Sunday Chron and devour the Pink section. That, and the fishnet-clad come-ons for action in Vegas, that would keep me in bed long past breakfast in 1968 and prior times.

Somehow, I can't but feel that for all my life experiences since then, my survival instincts were keener 50 years ago and thus; my tolerance to,the times better suited. And I believed youth to be the universal antidote.


Ps: yes, it is at times like this when PRose would be a comfort. I too miss his presence.

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