Re: Jack O'Neill's First Surf Shop

02/01/18 - posted by Norm

Such an interesting the point you gents would have crossed the stage at Lincoln or at other lesser institutions (ha) those of us who would have been groms in your high school days really did not want to go down to Kelly's. Looking back now there existed it's own form of localism there. Of course, we would say the waves sucked there and head down the coast to Pedro or points further south (assuming our beaters did not break down). By that point the same crowd preferred to ride almost any board other an O'Neill (well, Royal Hawaiian's from GET were certainly to be avoided). I recall guys on Olympics, Hobies, Hickeys, Webers, Gordon & Smith, Surfboards Hawaii, and my all time favorite longboard... a Lance Carson. I can not recall there being a shop in the City during that period...was there? (my memory fades...). As for wet suits, that was another O'Neill of any style was a great product (although my first Farmer John was from the Bamboo Reef dive shop of all places).

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