Re: Things we no longer see—again

02/12/18 - posted by Mary-Ann

About nicknames - I've had three...

Grammar school - (I was born a Susko) The Cisco Kid was on the radio and in a movie or two and kids called me 'Cisco'. Years later, my youngest brother, John had that nickname, too. It faded away, thankfully.

High school - 'Anniie' by my close friends - we all had nicknames for one another. We also had a secret language.

Did anyone else out there ever develop secret ways of communicating with your close friends. Ours was pretty simple, but seemed to be quite confusing to others

Also around that time, too, as I recently wrote on another posting, at my work place, someone started calling me 'Rocky', after Rocky Marciano - I kinda liked that one. .

The last two stuck-- I still get called one or the other at times.


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