Re: Let's all go to the movies

03/06/18 - posted by Charles

In one chapter of my memoirs titled "FRANK" I connect phases of my life with titles of Sinatra songs. The first paragraph, titled SUMMER WIND, is as follows;

"San Francisco can always produce a good breeze in the summer time.We felt it that day in 1942 standing in line to get into the Golden Gate Theater to pay 85 cents to see Tommy Dorsey and his big band, with his pure trombone tones and his vocalist, a rising personality, Frank Sinatra. We were enthralled when Dorsey did a trombone solo of Song of India, and we thought Frank was OK. We did not foresee the symbolic impact that the singer would have on our lives."

I wrote a dozen more paragraphs with similar personal commentary, including Come Fly with Me, Night and Day, My Way, South of the Border, etc.

Mary Ann's Frank experience apparently came a couple years later. I know I'm right about the year inasmuch as the other two guys with me were off to the war the following year.

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