Here's the 3 - 2 Pitch,..

03/30/18 - posted by Paul Judge

I don’t mean to bump jb from his recent Friday habit of posting oldy goldies from the WNP Message Board past but I’m taking the rosin bag, stepping up to the mound and tossing this over towards home plate. See if how it strikes you.

Congrats to the Giants and the A’s for winning their season opener contest against those rival baseball teams from Southern California. Always good to start the new season with victories, especially those two victories scored in extra inning drama.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Giant’s first game at Seal Stadium and the 50th anniversary of the Oakland A’s first diamond opener. Geez, I remember those times and this makes me feel pretty darn old.

Sports journalists Ann Killion and Bruce Jenkins have written compelling articles reflecting on the A’s and the Giants and fan loyalty and the storied history of both teams Bay Area.

“Giants and A’s have your heart? Why split allegiances are perfectly fine”
By Ann Killion Wednesday, March 28, 2018

“A crazy, comprehensive ode to the Giants’ and A’s Bay Area tenures”
By Bruce Jenkins March 27, 2018 (may require Chronicle subscription to open)

But mainly I post here to resurrect and provoke reflection on baseball threads from the WNP Message Board past. Here are but two:

“Buy me some peanuts & crackerjack”,0#msgtitle

“Baseball Gloves-Get a Grip”,0#msgtitle

I'm looking forward to another season of baseball and eyeing how David Gallagher appears when he models baseball caps for us.

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