Sutro's Coal Mine: Outside Lands Podcast Episode 281

06/24/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Below is a link to Sierra Hartman's article and exploration of Adolph Sutro's coal mine at Lands End that David and Woody make reference to in Outside Lands Podcast Episode 281, June 23, 2018: Sutro’s Coal Mine, What hides in the mysterious tunnels on the cliffs just outside the Golden Gate?

"Photos from the Stunning San Francisco Coal Mine That Hasn’t Been Opened in 40 Years" Atlas Obscura, By Sierra Hartman, October 22, 2015

Also, here's a link to a fascinating article Sierra Hartman composed for the Bold Italic (Since reorganization the 'B.I.' unfortunately purged Sierra's by-line) about exploring the remains of the SS Coos Bay which wrecked at Lands End in 1927.

Please Note: For safety sake and well being no one associated with this post or the WNP recommends embarking upon similar undertakings as portrayed in the above links. However this writer does hope that amongst the beach sand and rock debris of Lands End will one day be found & returned the “ ’S " regrettably missing in recent years from the location known for generations of San Franciscans as Baker’s Beach on the western shoreline of the Presidio of San Francisco. This August Chevalier, 1911 map of San Francisco from the wonderful David Rumsey Historical Map Collection makes the case.

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