Re: Sutro's Coal Mine / Baker's Beach nomenclature

06/25/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Guess what, the 39th edition (kid you not!) of that very same chart, (Entrance to San Francisco Bay, Coast & Geodetic Survey #5532, updated 3/18/72) portrays that strand as, you guessed it, Bakers Beach! Perhaps the sometimes treacherous shore break at that location eroded the apostrophe but redeposited the 's'?

The apostrophe is also missing from the May 8 & 9, 1959 front page editions of SF Chronicle when they report the shocking fatal shark attack on an 18 y.o. swimmer at Bakers Beach.

As a 3rd generation San Franciscan I'm stick'n to how it was referred to as Baker's Beach by my elders & neighbors when I was growing up. Truth is, as a youngster my proximity to the Sugar Bowl Bakery next to the Balboa Theater had me confused and referring to it as 'Bakery Beach'. How's them donuts?

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