Re: United Irish Cultural Center

10/21/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Carl Nolte's 'Native Son' column in the October 21, 2018 SF Chronicle addresses the demographic changes many of us realize contribute to the cut back of bar and meal services at the UICC.

“Irish center struggles to keep pace in S.F.” By Carl Nolte

To paraphrase, ‘Ireland isn't our grandparent's Ireland and the City isn't our parent's San Francisco.’
Myself, I departed my home in the Avenues to finish college and life unfolded for me in the North Bay where I've spent 2/3 of my life. I didn't intend to flee San Francisco, I simply took hold of opportunities that came my way. The same was true of elders who’d been raised in the Mission and Western Addition and found homes and community in the Richmond and Sunset. With each subsequent generation the connection to Ireland, traditional customs and affiliation weakened with assimilation to the rapid pace of social change. As much as nostalgia is polished about how well men and women once dressed when they took the streetcar ‘downtown’ on websites or Facebook sites dedicated to San Francisco memories it’s been more than fifty year since I wore a suit on Union Square.

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