Re: Sounds of the City KSFO

04/19/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

My, my, my! Not only have I met some absolutely delightful people on this site recently, just this year, and been contacted by several, but now there is a psychic connection! I have been thinking about KSFO lately. I have a little vinyl record, dating back to perhaps 1961, which cost .50 (yes, cents, not dollars, cents) for shipping. I never dumped my 1976 Radio Shack stereo system (back then I thought I would never have to worry about it being valuable enough to steal--now it is a collector's item), so I occasionally listen to my KSFO record and go back in time to so much, so long gone. One side is the themes/station breaks: Sound of the City; "Bye Bye Baby" (someone sent in a Spanish translation, and Sherwood and friends really sounded horrible trying to sing it--a Hispanic DJ sang it, and sent the recording, so KSFO was bi-lingual back in the 60s--just a little bit. We won't get into politically incorrect Just Plain Rosita, nor Al Collin's Banditos.), as well as 3 other musical intervals. The other side is Sherwood and friends doing Man On The Street interviews--still funny, and G rated. I guess they are all long gone--retired, and perhaps even spinning records for the angels' station in the sky. Aaron Edwards, Newscaster, used to do Sunday Sounds; he was Jewish, so Sunday was fine for his working while others attended church, slept off hangovers, worked other jobs. He was dignified and low key, which suited Sunday morning very well back then. I've commented on fog horns, church bells, and similar memories on other lists here. I live not so far from both the Columbia River and Lake Vancouver (both good sized and worth seeing if you all are ever up here), and so there is fog on some rare occasions. When I hear the fog horns, I'm immediately back in The City for a few seconds. Now: Who remembers: K E W B: Channel 91! Gary Owens did very well, with Laugh In, and then voice overs for years. (Planter's 'Everybody Loves A Nut!'") And, KYA. Is it possible that KKHI is still classical after so long? Or is it nasty yelling now? It was actually a very early 1950s rock station, KOBY, the KKHI--so I suppose it could very well be in another, or even yet another, incarnation now. Sound is energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed, so, perhaps, when our descendents travel far into galaxies now unknown, they shall hear the sounds which are not gone forever after all!

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