Re: Sounds of the City KSFO

04/24/05 - posted by Gloria

When I moved to the St. Louis area in 1976, Jack Carney was on the radio here. Yes, the same Jack Carney from KSFO and my childhood. I did meet his son, John, several years ago at a book signing and I told him of the hours that my mom had spent listening to his dad on the radio in San Francisco. Somehow, listening to Jack Carney just made living in St. Louis more bearable......
I loved listening to KYA on my transistor radio. I took that little $15.00 radio everywhere I went. It was not as obnixious as the boom boxes of later days..... I loved listening to the Beatles as I walked to church on Sunday mornings. Life was always good as long as the Rock 'n Roll music was being played.

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