Re: Those wonderful smells, and yes, Sounds

08/03/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

That very deep foghorn--you could just about feel it as well! Long before I moved away, there were just beeps. But, when I first arrived, there was that rumbling booo-oop...along with the smell of fresh fog right off the ocean...Manual gearshifts on trucks: ooh-ooh-ump. Fire engines: sirens and pounding bells. A while back, Rosie mentioned church bells: (Ding, ding). There are the memories of the guys and I, recently describing KSFO, Sherwood, and accomplices. The iron monsters had an odd clang for the bell--it didn't go ding, or dong, in kind of went dlang. And, of course, the Playland at (not @) the Beach--see old messages for full descriptions. Also, there were these odd traffic signals on Market Street: There were no lights--you would hear a "Clang," and an arm would pop up with "GO" or "STOP" which was really a mess when an out of towner drove thru it. And, there was the forever damp smell, and the sound of dripping water, in the Twin Peaks Tunnel Forest Hill stop.

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