Re: Those wonderful sounds & smells

02/27/18 - posted by Paul Judge

Like those wavy mirrors in the Fun House at old Playland at the Beach that distorted proportion and appearances this post will reflect a 'wave forward from the past' via "jb's" re-run post,
Diggin’ in the back yard
02/23/18 - posted by jb,0#msgtitle

Those old time fragrances and sounds, delightful or otherwise, memorably recalled by a robust list of long time WNP participants certainly left their mark of time & place in our younger days. I've referenced in other posts how the direction of the wind registered in my senses while growing up in the outer Richmond a few blocks from the ocean. South winds carried the sounds of the big cats growling in the Lion House at Herbert Fleishhacker Zoo and the report of skeet shooters at the Pacific Rod & Gun Club at Lake Merced. Waking up to the scent of petroleum carried from refineries along the East Bay shoreline or the smell of roasting coffee from the Embarcadero signified a warm east wind and choice day ahead to possibly skip school and head to Kelly's Cove, Dead Mans, or Eagle's beach. A warm autumnal north wind brought the fragrance of the grasslands of Marin and the likelihood of throwing off bed blankets and opening the windows to cool off from the captured day's heat in the house. It might also result in pulling out the Hibachi to grill dinner. The usually dependable Westerlies off the ocean brought the sound of crashing surf, the screams & laughter from those enjoying the thrills of Playland, and the barking multitudes of sea lions hauled out on Seal Rocks. After the first heavy rains of Winter the same winds brought the rich stink of reconstituted gull and sea lion poops coating those same rocks. Many a night I drifted off to sleep not very pleased to be serenaded by the cackle of Laughing Sal. I preferred the sound of the grinding steel wheels of the passing “B” streetcar that vibrated through the house.

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