An Architectural Travesty

01/31/06 - posted by Nick & Tanya - AncntWrlds<at>

This weekend we had the distinct dipleasure of attending an exhibit at the new shockingly ugly De Young Museum. While the Hatshepsut exhibit is an amazing experience it is the ONLY thing that drew us to this monolithic battleship parked in Golden Gate Park.

Many of course might balk at my opinions and claim that I am unqualified to critique this modern out of scale monstrosity but then my wife is an architect and my father who came with us is a licensed civil engineer. Their opinion? Same as mine an absolute monstrosity having no place in Golden Gate Park.

This brings me to something else. We as San Franciscans who take pride in our city should stand up against such intrusive and aesthetically devastating additions to our landscape. Be they huge and obvious like the De Young or small and "meaningless" like the 1897 Victorian being torn down on Fredrick St in favor of another cookie cutter 3 story "Richmond Special".

Our city is a beautiful historic place lets do our best to keep it that way.

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