Re: An Architectural Travesty

02/01/06 - posted by Judy Hitzeman

Getting back to John Martini's question, I lived in SF up until last year and I don't remember voting on anything regarding the Cliff House. I seemed to recall being able to find old ballot measures on the web, so I went looking.

This is the page on the SF city government website where one can search for old ballot measures. Even better is the one on the SF Public Library website:

I searched on the keywords "Cliff House" and found one ballot measure, from June 1968, which was a bond issue:

"To incur a bonded indebtedness of $5,700,000 for the acquisition of land, with structures thereon, at the extreme westerly edge of the San Francisco headlands and for its improvement and park purposes."

I didn't search on "deYoung" but I seem to recall voting only on whether we wanted to use public funds for its construction. This was voted down and so the museum went out and obtained private funding. No one asked the voters to approve the design. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

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