Re: An Architectural Travesty

02/02/06 - posted by Nick & Tanya

John I completely understand what you are talking about when it comes to commercial space and other things of that nature. What I question is the judgement of the architect in actually designing that space. It seems that the avant-garde architects that actually get designing jobs in SF like to create an aesthetic clash. The new wing of the Cliff House may be very necessary but it should also reflect the style of the dominant original building and not detract from the old time experience with it's glass sheet and sloping roof modernism.

I.E. it should look as if it has always been there since 1909

The point is that it does not enhance it or punctuate its original style. Much like taking a 1958 Buick and stripping all of the chrome off of it and shaving it down to look like a toyota camry. What is the point?

Same thing with the unsightly pyramid or tripod at the Legion of Honor it just detracts from the classic atmosphere of the setting. Much like seeing a digital watch or a space ship in movie about the 18th century.

It is a disrespect for the history of the place and it makes me wonder what is next. Perhaps a "restoration" of Fort Point in stainless steel and titanium.

Oops I better shut up the city architects may get some ideas !!

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