Re: Shaking off the Dust

02/02/06 - posted by jb

OK Nick,

I'll give you the Fox Theatre: I cried when they rattled that palace with the wrecking ball...

but "The Banker's Heart?" Come on Nick...don't you find some perverse irony in that hunk of black granite...Look at the base...can't you see that 22 year-old protruding yuppie paw, deperately clutching the keys to a leased BMW, having been cold-conked running to a 6-figure-salary bidding war for the honor of having the sum total of an internship experience at the helm of a dot-communist start-up. It makes me laugh at my own folly, imagining I'd be retiring at 50. In many ways, it's a monument to Platonic truth. Granted, it ain't the Laocoon on the lawn of the Legion of Honour, yet it has it's rightful place a the foot of another extraordinary modern building that has assimilated very well into the SF Skyline. Hard to beat the view, having a brew on 52.

In the words of Noah Cross to Jake Gittes in the movie "Chinatown," 'Course I'm respectable. I'm old. Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.

Now how was the "inside" of the new deYoung?

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