Re: Shaking off the Dust

02/02/06 - posted by Nick & Tanya

Interior of the De Young? Ouch that is a bad one. That building is just very poorly planned. My wife is an architect and my dad is a licensed civil engineer and they are both in horror after the De Young. A friend of mine also attended and his only reaction was "Phew, that was depressing".

It seems that these architects are more concerned with making some grand philosophical statement than they are with building something efficient and practical.

The beauty of the Flood building that you mentioned earlier is its form and function ( it is beautiful and it survived 06' despite being the city's tallest building. The Transamerica Pyrmaid is truly innovative and a structural marvel, the De Young just seems unnatural it lacks the beauty of something like the Porsche 911, or the Japanese Samurai Katana, Elegance in functional simplicity.Something I always associated with modern architecture.

it seems the De Young is just there to shock and annoy and to defy the conventions of basic human aesthetics

This museum has none of that. It is stark but not functional it has all of the aesthetic appeal of a Dr Suess book on heavy drugs. The entrance is hard to find and is basically a hole in the wall. Many of the people waiting in line for admission laughed out loud when my dad asked "What gate is United at?"

Yes folks it looks like SFO after a tectonic shift.

As for the bankers heart that was one of the funniest descriptions I have ever read !!!

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