Re: Shaking off the Dust

02/04/06 - posted by Paul Judge

If memory serves correctly didn't Herb Caen also refer to the Sutro Tower as a giant roach clip? It is a monstrosity, then and now, out of War of the Worlds. Apparently over time the Trans America Building has grown on people. I'm still a bit uneasy about it. I may as well cop to having added to its construction cost when friends and I relocated survey stakes a number of times during site preparations.

Adding further to this thread on Shaking off Architectural Travesties. Whudabout
the view hogging erection and appropriate public outcry 40 sumpin' years back over the construction of the Fontana East & West apartment/condo towers behind Aquatic Park?
S.F. Bay was walled off from view along Bay Street and Galileo High School. Public reaction helped to doom other such Miami Beach type structures from sealing us in all together.

Of course there were the freeways, both those that were built and those that were proposed. The successful effort to stop construction of a freeway through the Panhandle of the Golden Gate Park is the stuff of legend. But do any of you recall a scheme to construct a freeway along the Outer Sunset and Richmond to connect traffic from the Golden Gate Bridge to Westlake? I remember old Monsignor Barron, pastor of St Thomas the Apostle Church, departing from a regular Sunday sermon to announce that such ideas were in the works and that it would plow right through our neighborhood.

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