Re: Shaking off the Dust

02/04/06 - posted by jb

Aquatic Park is my most favorite place in The City and when they built Fontana East and West, they appeared like giant beehives for the nouveau riche. They remind me of stereo speakers but who needs them with the symphony that plays without form or structure: The resounding sounds of the fog horns and old Italians playing bocce ball as waves lap the aging hull boards of the Balclutha. On a foggy afternoon, the soulful sounds of Aquatic Park can hide a multitude of sins, including the Fontanas.

But the Sutro Tower is pure evil. If you doubt me, read Fritz Leiber's "Our Lady of Darkness." A Faustian bargain struck by lifeless forms wishing to view other lifeless forms in a two-dimensional wasteland. This metalic praying mantis dominates the entire Southern landscape, threatening to snap off the head of anyone who tries to f*ck with it.

Mark my words...come the revolution and
this spawn of Hell will be brought to it's knees...right after a word from our sponsor.

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