Re: An Architectural Travesty

01/31/06 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

New, latest architecture always results in outrage. I remember the Jack Tarr Hotel--now, it's so bland, but when it was first built, around 1960, it was #%&*@!! I loved the pale stucco de Young building, with the tower--very 1930s. (Probably, not so popular back then.) I hope to see the new building myself, before too long. I saw the modern cathedral (replacing a bombed 1300s cathedral) in Coventry, England. I was surprised to see it looked better (outside) than whatI expected from magazine pictures. I was delighted by the interior--modern, yes, but a truly wonderful 1960s version of a cathedral. Sometimes something new requires adjustment. And sometimes, something new is dreadful. I wish I could see it in person, right now. Perhaps, it will take time to adjust (like the Jack Tarr Hotel), or it may be considered a mistake. Are you ready to float a tax bond to re-replace the de Young? I want to study it, think about it, and take some time to decide. Oh, yes, it may be a mistake--or not? Take time, have an open mind. All change is not always bad. I do, however, feel sorry the elegant, towered building, is gone forever.

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