Re: An Architectural Travesty

02/01/06 - posted by Nick & Tanya

Yes things do require change and all of life is change but why must we regress into some sort of "visionary" Star wars meets Aztec nightmare?

This building will look dated and atrocious in 5 years. This is the problem with modrn architecture and why classic architecture is classic, it has appealed to the human aesthetic for thousands of years.

Aesthetics are based on a proportional formula that the ancient greeks called the "golden section" or in some sources "golden mean" this simply denotes that all things proportional and symetrical are beautiful for that reason. A good example being the cross section of a nautilus shell or the face of someone who is beautiful. We do all have the same features but it is their placement and symmetry that differentiate us from beautiful or not.

Modern architecture does not subscribe to this instinctual character of our aesthetics and instead asks us to subscribe to some maniacal philosophy that was contrived by some overly "imaginative" architect.

Simply put Ugly is Ugly no matter how you slice it, spruce it up, or what philosophical or "progressive" spin you put on it, you can dress it up in copper, or paint it flourescent orange and park it in front of the Legion. Modern expressionist architecture and "artistic" installations do not enhance the surrounding areas but simply bring the beauty of those areas down to their sick level.

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