Re: An Architectural Travesty

02/01/06 - posted by Nick & Tanya

I do not understand one thing about the "art directors" of San Francisco. Why do they feel it is their duty to "enlighten" us in the "wonders" of modern art (i.e. forcing it down our throats). Last Monday I attended the MOMA and nowhere on the premises do I see a rendering of Michelangelo's David or an ode to the Parthenon or any other reference to the classic world. You will not see one painting by Carravagio or Albert Beirdstadt. But the abstract art gets equal representation in all the "classical" museums.

Attend the Legion of Honour or the De Young and you will be force fed modern art or modern "enhancements"!!

Case and point the orange tripod or the low budget attempt at the Louvre's pyramid in the courtyard. We dont even need to jump on the rusting bullet riddled Doolittle Monument in Golden Gate Park.

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