Garage Bands in the Sunset in the 1960s

02/18/06 - posted by Joanne Silvers - JSlide<at>

You don't see this today but in the early to mid 1960s, there were homes you would walk by where rock band groups would practice their music out of their open garages. Some were so awful it was unbelieveable. I specifically remember a group on Noriega Street somewhere between about 40th and 44th avenue in the late afternoons. They would pick up their guitars and just play anything obviously never having had a music course in their entire lives and thinking that they could learn how to play just by playing. I remember them trying to play Louie Louie and not even able to get through more than 6 notes of the song without faltering. They tried to play that song for an hour and still couldn't get it. They were so bad but they still got a crowd to gather around the garage everyone hoping that they could somehow figure out how to play something.

Does anyone remember this. I wonder if any of these garage bands ever amounted to anything.

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