Re: Garage Bands in the Sunset in the 1960s

02/19/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

I remember the Revelos who had a house on the corner of 45th and Moraga - they would practice and you could hear them all over the neighborhood - and they were good!! Down the street on 46th Avenue near Lawton was "Wonder Bread" another garage band - some of the members went to Lincoln High School and were a year or so older than I was. Then, the one neighborhood garage band that DID amount to something was first known as "Arizona Subway" I think - then "The Beans" - and they finally settled on the name "The Tubes" - they had a house Noriega Street between 45th and 46th Avenues - near the Fotomat and across the street from Cala market. Sometimes they would even practice with the door open - my girlfriends and I would go down and stand in front of the garage and hang out - they really ROCKED - obviously!!! At the time - Vince Welnick, Bob Macintosh (who died) and I think Prairie Prince lived there.

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