Re: Garage Bands in the Sunset/Richmond in the 1960s

12/25/09 - posted by Paul Judge

I'm just in from celebrating my family's Christmas and at the keyboard emailing thank yous to Santa's elves. I checked in on the message board and David's mention of The Morticians made my brain go, "Boink! Oh yeah remember them."

I believe that Bill Fiege played saxophone with the Morticians as I remember seeing him tooling around the neighborhood in their hearse. I attended catechism and both Presidio Junior and Washington High schools with Bill graduating in '68. Bill has played regularly supporting himself as a musician and music teacher. Another musician I recall who was in the same or another neighborhood band was Alex Bendahan. Alex remained a musician and in production for quite a period following high school. Another band emerging from Washington High in the late '60s were the Soul Illusions with at least one classmate, Jerry Tondo.

As for the hearse, it was employed to transport a number of students, including Miner Lowe and Barbara Ream, to the senior prom.

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