Re: Magnolia Tunderpussy

02/19/06 - posted by jb

Thanks, Gang, for the reality check. Somehow, a location down in The Mission seems to fit my recall better than The Hashbury but I could be wrong. Spent a lot of time in both areas during the mid to late 60's.

Oh, and Karyn "and a real bona-fide hippie would deliver it straight to your house!!"

Do you think a "real hippie" delivered anything "straight?" My guess is these guys road-tested a lot of the goodies after the munchies set in.

And while we are on this subject, does anyone recall "tainted food" rumors regarding a drive-in out on Sloat near the beach. I can't remeber the name of this place but it was there forever and I recall that the pickles got a bad rap.

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