Long Before Cell Phones

05/24/06 - posted by Rosie - Rghon22<at>comcast.net

It looks like cell phones have really taken over.Many pedestrians refuse to set them aside and put themselves in danger of getting run over but they do not seem to care. Way back in the twenties we had upright phones with a mouthpiece and receiver. I know this is way past any of message boarders time but it is a bit of my history. We were billed for phone calls in two ways. One was recorded in the phone office by the operator the other by the use of slugs. Slugs were inserted in a box near the phone to signal the operator. Every so often the "telephone Man" would come by open the box and count the slugs and notify the office.We kept the supply of slugs in a bowl near the phone. It was also a time when we used prefixes such as Sunset and Richmond. Some though recalled the Gold Rush days with the use of Sutter, Prospect and Yukon. Most homes had two party lines with each home having its own number of rings. By now you are all probably thinking "Thank God for cell phones and I have to admit I too am pleased to own one.

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