Re: Bars and Taverns Galore

08/01/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Well, Rosie, Tanforan hasn't been a racetrack for many many years now. In fact, it's been an indoor shopping mall for a couple of decades, but I believe that has changed - I think that some of the stores have been torn down and there is now a Police station out there too.

As for Molloy's - ah, yes - sadly, I have been there more often in recent years. Historical Old Molloy's in Colma is a wonderful place to drink - lovely wood inside and great bartenders too - and they can throw a full-scale impromptu Irish wake with very little notice. They are quite used to groups of mourners wandering in from graveside services to toast the recently deceased. Molloy's also has an annual Chili Cookoff, which I understand is quite popular - my friends Mike and Nancy O'Donnell usually participate each year.

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