Re: Bars and Taverns Galore

08/02/06 - posted by Frank Grant

Just the mention of Molloy's causes me to wipe away a tear of nostalgia. This was an outstanding hangout for me and my family countless decades ago. It was owned and run by the affable, and very Irish, Bill Malloy. Bill would usually learn your name and your favorite beverage and be ready for you on your next arrival.

Bill became a family friend and was always welcome at our home in The Parkside. Bill would usually be accompanied by his wife Maizy.It was difficult mixing a drink for a professional bartender and if you did not do it correctly, he would let you know about it. It, of course, was done in a joking manner.

There was always an interesting group of folks that would frequent that famous wattering hole. Quite often you would see a group of grave-diggers there. I recall one of them, a meek, mild mannered, man of small stature. He was always called by the name of Mousey. He never objected to this name and was always thankful when you bought him a drink.

The last time I saw this place, a few decades ago, the sign on the roof still read "Coattails" This, of course, was a holdover from prohibition days when the law prevented one from talking about cocktails and other alcaholic beverages.

Bill and Maizy are long gone now, but their memory is still with me.


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