Re: Your Corner Market - Carriage Market

10/22/06 - posted by dennis

I delivered groceries for Paul, and meat for Joe at 9th/Moraga Market, while in high school. Great small market atmosphere. But our markets were 22nd/Irving Market, still operational as a 1st class produce market. The butcher always gave the kids baloney, standard procedure for butchers in those days. Then there was Mother's Market on 23rd/Irving. We got a whole set of dishes which they gave out piecemeal with a certain amount of purchases. The "old reliable" was Florence Delicatessen, between 22nd and 23rd, on Irving. They were open 7 days a week, until 10 or 11. They had what seemed like the best rotisserie chicken. It was owned by Lois. i don't know when she found time for herself. During the 50's, they had bins of pasta, no packaged stuff. She made all kinds of Italian goodies. Great for the after hours milk, bread, or snack. I have to admit, as a teen, we purchased eggs there on Halloween, a couple of times, and it wasn't for making omelets.

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