Re: Your Corner Market - 47th & Noriega Market & Surf Super

10/22/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Here's a few markets for you, Woody - from a 53 year old Outer Sunset gal.

On Noriega Street, in the middle of the block between 47th and 48th Avenues on the south side of the street (the storefront is now Chu Supply) was a Greek owned and operated Mom and Pop store called "47th & Noriega Market) - they were famous for their butcher shop - Hank's Meats - which was one of the best butcher shops around! I can remember going there as a kid (1960's and 1970's) - I think they closed sometime in the 80's. I believe the store was owned by relatives of the Karas family, who owned the 22nd and Irving Street Market. Chris Karas went to Francis Scott Key Elementary school and was in my class.

Surf Super was located on Lawton Street between 42nd and 43rd Avenues - on the south side of the street in the middle of the block. Next door was a 5 and 10 cent store and across the street was Golden Brown Bakery. My mom used to allow me to do the weekly shopping there when I was about 10 or 11 years old. They had a great butcher shop, the butcher's name was Joe, I think, he would grind up the ground beef or pork for me, to order. They had a greengrocer named Argo and a manager named Joe Ivanetich, who, many years later, married my godmother, Velma).

Somebody mentioned Western Market (actually Western Sunset Market) aka "Art's" - which was/is on 46th & Judah on the Southeast Corner. Art was from Boston, I believe - and he had a little market and deli operation there - and he sold the best coleslaw and "San Francisco style" potato salad! Perfecto Lopez, the owner of Celia's Mexican restaurant used to buy the coleslaw and serve it with the combination plates.

Anyone remember Buck's Meats and Market on the Southwest corner of Irving and 35th Avenue (now a sports store)? They made the best corned beef in the entire world - and they sold small market items too! There was a butcher there named Enzo Polacco.

And, of course, everybody knows "Charlie's Market" on the corner of 41st and Irving. They still make wonderful sandwiches, with fresh french rolls, have a great wine selection, and Danny, the owner can still be counted on to have the Sunday paper on Saturday.

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