Re: Your Corner Market - Outer Judah Street

10/23/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Gail - I think the five and dime you were referring to on Judah street between 44th and 45th Ave was called Glen 5 and 10 - at least when I was a kid. Years later it became Standard 5 and 10 until it closed sometime in the 90's.

On the same block, on the corner (the northwest corner of Judah at 44th Ave) was an ice cream store called "Shirley's Ice Cream" - I think the original owner's daughter posts sometimes here on the WNP Board. When I was in grammar school, the place was run by Mrs. Mohr - her son, David Mohr was in my class at Francis Scott Key Elementary School.

Then, kitty corner to the ice cream store, on the southeast corner of Judah at 44th Ave was the "44th and Judah Market" another small "mom and pop" style grocery/liquor store.

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