Re: Your Corner Market - Jack's

10/21/06 - posted by CathyB

Ah, what a rush of memories. Ed's Superette on the corner of 28th and Judah. There was also a smaller family market run by a middle age Jewish couple. Can't remember the name of the Market but we called it Joe and Rosies. Ed's was run by Ed and his sister Barbara. They were a nice Irish couple. They also had a butcher shop run by Tom Lenci. Being of Irish and Italian heritage the market was perfect for me. I remember Tom the Butcher giving us thick slices of baloney. He also made these swirley lamb things on a stick that my Mom would make for dinner every so often. Loaded with fat but what did we know in the 60's. My Mom would do the list thing with us. I remember just having about $5 and being able to buy bread, milk and other things with that one bill. The market is gone now probably replaced with an Asian type store. Those were great memories. Now the corner store is a Safeway and you have to drive to it.

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