Re: Your Corner Market - 22nd & Taraval

10/23/06 - posted by Roy Thomas

I have dim memories of the block on Taraval between 22nd & 23rd before the 22nd & Taraval Mkt was built. On the corner of 23rd was a Texaco Station. Next to it was a very popular Italian delicatessen, (don't remember the name, but my mother usually bought fresh pasta there & it also introduced us to garlic cheese bread.) Right in the middle of the block was a small grocery called Tom's, another Italian family. My grandparents did most of their shopping there. Across the street where the library now stands was a grove of small, twisted acacia trees known locally as the "monkey trees," for the rather obvious reason that they provided good "Tarzan-like" territory without being high enough to be harmful in case of a misjudged swing or jump. My mother was one of the Pinelake Market faithful, even though we lived on 28th ave.
During the war when the family Model A was parked on wooden blocks, we walked every 2nd day or so to the Pinelake, hauling a wartime "peachbasket" shopping cart with wooden wheels.

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