Re: Pinelake Market

10/24/06 - posted by Frank Grant

Pinelake Market is still, I believe, at the corner of 23rd and Vicente. My mother, Ruth Grant, always shopped here in the 1930s and well into the 1960s. She steadfastly refused to shop at any of the large grocery chains as she always wanted to support the small local independents.

Your humble writer worked at this grocery in 1942 as a teen ager attending Abraham Lincoln High School. My function was that of stocking shelves. Also, when people phoned in orders it was my function to fill the orders, place them in cardboard boxes, and make the once a day delivery run to various houses in the Parkside District. I had my driver's license less than a year and Mr Scardili, the owner, trusted me with this function, he wasn't sorry. I made $3.00 a day and was happy to get it.

A short while later, Mr Scardili wrote a very fine letter of recommendation for me which, at least partially, helped me become an Aviation Cadet in the Army Air Corps.


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