Re: Your Corner Market - 22nd & Taraval

11/01/06 - posted by Ken Wiltz

I lived o 28th also in the 2400 block. I should know you Roy
but I cannot remember the name.
The market we used mostly was Mitchell's Market on the SW corner of 27th and Taraval. In fact I worked for the Mitchells for a real short time. Reason, a Union Member came and asked me if I belonged to the union. I answered no and he told Mr. Mitchell that he had to fire me and if he needed help, he would have to hire union help. My first run in with the unions at the age probably of 15.

Mr. Mitchell and his wife had 3 children who at one time or another worked in the market. Oldest was to become later a
Catholic Priest. The sister was Maxine if my memory serves me and she took me to Sunday School at St. Cecilia's Hall on Taraval near 16th Avenue when I was a youngster. The third was son Jack. The market had produce, groceries and meat. There was also a bakery nextdoor, loved their eclairs.

At one time there were Piggly Wiggly, MacMar and Safeway markets on Taraval Street. There was also a market later on the SE corner of 27th and Taraval St.

I remember Parkside where I lived from 1924-1956.

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