Re: Your Corner Market - Jack's

11/05/06 - posted by Mary-Ann

There was a Littlman's, I think, although larger than most of the Mom & Pop grocery stores. It was on the southwest corner of 37th & Balboa. One of the butchers, Harvey was a favorite of my Grandma's. She lived with us & did all the shopping & cooking - mom worked.

I will get in touch with a couple of school friends about the market at 39th & Geary, 'cus I can't remember the name of it during the '40s. The six of us gals met on that corner every morning from 1943 to 1946 and walked to Presidio together.

One other store, whose name I don't recall either, was on Taraval between 46th & 47th during the mid to late '50s. The grocers were two Chinese and the butcher was caucasian. I did my weekly shopping there, walking home with the baby & the groceries in the buggy. It was the closest & I didn't have a car - besides, they were the most friendly & nice fellows. What I bought then cost about $20 to $24 for the three of us.

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