Re: Your Corner Market - 47th & Noriega Market & Surf Super

11/12/06 - posted by Tom Hughes

I remember the United Market being the hub of 46th and Noriega. It was a large well lighted space. Up the block was Quarts and Pints and the Drug store. Down the block was my favorite place at the time: the Hobby Shop.
I believe the Hagopian family ran the produce section at the Surf Market it the 50's. They featured frozen rice pilaf. Across Lawton St. was Amile's Grocery Store. He was a great character. York Hardware was a few doors down and then, Mary O'Brian plied potable spirits at her liquor store across Lawton again. I swept up hair and basically cleaned Tony Varella and Yuk Spero's Barber shop when I was kid for spending money.

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