Re: Your Corner Market - Jack's

10/21/06 - posted by Judy H

It's interesting about CathyB mentioning Tom the Butcher on the west side giving kids a thick slice of baloney; we had a Tom the Butcher at Henry's meat market on Church St. in Noe Valley that would save the ends of the baloney sausage to give to kids. That was always a treat.

When we moved to the Richmond in the late '60s we shopped at the Family Market on Geary between 22nd and 23rd. It was a nice store, complete with meat market, and my Mom got to know all of the clerks. It's now Thom's Natural Foods, at least last time I checked, which used to be at 10th and Clement.

After a number of years living Elsewhere, I moved back to the City and the Inner Richmond in 1990. I did a lot of shopping at Lick Super on 6th Avenue. They had a wonderful meat and poulty market there. I was very sad when that store closed.

My childhood experience with a corner store goes back to Noe Valley in the late '50s/ early '60s. We shopped at the Crystal Market at Army and Church Streets, run by a Chinese family who would add everything up on an abacus before putting the total into the cash register. They called all of us little girls by my sister's name; for some reason she made a big impression on them. And, they would sell me beer for my Dad while he waited in the car. Lest I give the impression that my Dad was a lazy bum, let it be known that he had contracted polio when he was younger and had a paralyzed right leg; he drove a la Roosevelt, using a hand brake.

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