Re: Corner Markets

11/08/10 - posted by harry

In 1935 there was a small Safeway store on the NW corner of California St. and 25th Avenue. There was also a small store run by a Greek[?] family. One week, Safeway had a all-out sale. [Trying to drive the competition out of business?] My mother took my sister and me along to carry all the groceries a couple of dollars purchased.
Safeway also had a yearly promotion for tickets for rides at Playland At The Beach. You got a strip of tickets for rides , some free, some five cents and a few ten cents for buying an amount of groceries.
Some change from your parents and off with your friends from nearby Rochambeau Playground to a Saturday riding the gasoline power autos on the track at the north end of Playland, and on to The Chutes, Bump-em cars, Big Dipper, Merry-go-round etc and finish up playing tag in the Fun House.

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