Re: The Parkside Movie Theatre

04/12/07 - posted by Susan Phelan

Does anyone remember the time the Parkside Theatre, actually the whole block of Taraval Street between 19th and 20th Avenue, was used in "Streets of San Francisco?" I was thrilled that our neighborhood was (finally) to be featured on the show. The show was about some cops who are neighborhood vigilantes at night because their neighborhood has turned "bad." The Parkside Theatre had "XXX" rated on the marquee. The adjacent store, Glamour Girl Wigs was turned into "Glamour Girl Massage Parlor." The shoe repair store was left alone (it was sufficiently dark and dingy) as was the Shamrock (I believe that was the name) bar on the corner (now a copy store). The house they used as the residence of the main vigilante cop was a typical Sunset stucco home (very Dolger looking) on the east side of Sunset Blvd.

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