Re: The Parkside Movie Theatre

08/22/01 - posted by Christine Miller

I've always held onto a tiny bit of hope that something would save the Parkside Theater. I finally had to give up on that hope a couple of months ago when I saw the gutted interior of the lobby.

I have many happy memories of the Parkside from my younger teenage years in the early eighties. The Parkside was truly unique and the scene of so many memorable movie experiences for me, my friends and family. We still talk about that place, and it's been closed for years! The time that my mother took my sister and I to see "Dr. Zhivago" still gets talked about because it was so miserable. It was miserable in a Parkside Theater kind-of-way though, (meaning it was a long movie in a cold theater and late at night).

You had to have a sense of humor to appreciate a run down, cold, smelly theater with a preschool on the ground floor.

I can still see the lobby, snack bar, the huge mirror and twin "grand" staircases leading to the balcony. If not for the Parkside, I would would not have been able to see a lot of classic movies on the big screen. I would have had to have watched them on tv or on video.

The Parkside had many different smells. Everyone can remember at least one! I remember it smelling like hot dogs, disinfectant and cigarette smoke. On nights when they were playing, "The Song Remains the Same", "Let there Be Rock" or any other rock/concert movie the balcony would become engulfed in a cloud in marijuana smoke and you couldn't smell anything else.

That was all a long time ago...

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