Re: The Parkside Movie Theatre

05/09/13 - posted by J.C.

It was perhaps sometime around 1946 that my mother took me to a Saturday kids matinee at the Parkside Theater. After perhaps 6 or more cartoons & a short comic film, a man came on the stage, whistled with his tongue extended out of his mouth & curled up toward his nose... he then challenged anyone in the audiance to whistle so... at 3 yrs. old I duplicated his whistle technique... he brought me on the stage & gifted some candy. Growing-up watching truly great westerns (Red River, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Shane, etc.), a vary vivid image from my earliest childhood came from staring at the large painted mural to right of the stage... where an old cowpoke held his Stetson while his pony drank. My cousin Steve & I were regulars... it was Good Medicine!

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