Re: Recollecting the March 22, 1957 5.3 Earthquake

03/07/07 - posted by jb

Thanks for rattling our memories on this one, Paul. I did what any savvy six year old would under my desk and Burt Lanthier and I proceeded with our battle-scene sketches, excited about the neo-realism, courtesy of Tectonic Shift productions. It was a poor kids trip to Universal Studios and a welcome disruption to the strict discipline of our teacher, Miss Mary Monroe. She was a stunning blonde with the disposition of a shattered coke bottle and I feared her more than any trauma Mother Nature might dish up. All in all and in retrospect, I give the event a 9 on the JB entertainment scale.

Now, had this all been due to the Russsians landing at Ocean Beach...well, that would have been a whole different nightmare. All those kids our age, in uniform, saying "we will bury you" posted on the bus and in the hallways...Hell, I'd still be under my desk.

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