March 22, 1957 Earthquake

03/18/07 - posted by Maryellen - mgiraudo<at>

I was a sophomre at Mercy High School when the earthquake happende. I was in Latin class with Sr. Mary Canisius (sp?. The room & windows shook back & forth, Sr. stood up with her hand on her desk & the statue behind her chair fell on her chair. Some girls knelt & prayed & cried. I just hung on to my desk. Cracks appreared in the walls. Plaster fell down on the staircase. We all were sent out to the yard & then sent home. I expected the home to be in bad shape but my mom just lost some glassware. She, my little sister & the parakeet went under the dining room table. We lived in the Parkside on 38th Ave. People rarely talk about tah earthquake so I was surprised to see it on the web. Great website - my son turned me on to it.

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